Apparently RadfemUK conference changed their name in order to book Slimelight (a goth club in London, which has a very large trans women membership) as a venue for this years conference, when Slimelight found out about it and that they were planing on having both Raymond and Bindel as speakers they canceled it, and now Radfem/Femifest are threating legal action against the club.

But yeah, TWEFs respect trans women’s spaces, and only wish we’d return the favour.

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Watch "Specially Formulated for Sensitive Skin" on YouTube

Specially Formulated for Sensitive Skin: really happy to see that my little anti-Veet rant notched up its 300th viewer today :)


...the gunshots which kill us are silenced. | AJ McKenna

So, I have an album! I also have an unexpected council tax bill. You can pay what you like for the album. Sadly the Council won’t let me do the same for the bill. But, if 110 of you each buy the album for a quid, the council and I should be able to come to an arrangement!


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Bye Gove! Don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out!

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I’m putting these up again because apparently I failed horribly at clicking earlier tonight. And at noticing I failed horribly at clicking. And two of the banners we made got left out. Sorry!

So, like I said in the original post, I know I mentioned that we were working on a campaign to increase the variety of submissions we get.

Well, here is the first round of graphics. I know this doesn’t cover everything (even when you consider we deliberately left gay out because we have close to 70% gay stories), but it’s a start.

Feedback is welcome. If there’s an orientation/identity you’d like us to include in our next round, please let me know. We truly want to publish books that represent the whole rainbow spectrum, and we want to spread around graphics and posters that represent that.

For more details, see our submission guidelines.

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Watch "That the City, After this Enormity, May be Renewed" on YouTube

That the City, After this Enormity, May be Renewed:

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"Listen to this! The Beatles stole my music, Elvis stole my hairdo, and James Brown stole my scream, and I believe Smokey Robinson stole my Swiss Army knife. But I can’t prove it."

- Little Richard (playing himself) Blossom s1e5 “Who’s in Charge Here?” (via note-a-bear)
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The Bathroom Thing: it’d be lovely if someone at Hobby Lobby management saw this and rethought their bathroom policies. Then their entire policy. Then their own personal terrible life decisions that saw them become Hobby Lobby management.