Tamikka Brents, Fallon Fox’s next opponent, who engages in dog-whistle transphobia, thanks her fans for misgendering, insulting and spreading lies about Fox on social media, and happily accepts the support of Cathy Brennan, a transphobic bigot who delights in ruining trans women’s lives…yet somehow thinks she deserves to wear the Rainbow Flag.

#TakeThatFlagOff, Ms Brents. Your behaviour makes a mockery of everything it stands for.



Anti-LGBT hate speech from social conservatives #trans #girlslikeus #terf

Let me explain something about a recent post.

The text at the top is a verbatim quote from an actual phone call being made, right now, regarding trans people.

Note carefully that verbatim it says:

allow men – yes, I said men – to use women’s and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only.

That is a direct lift of pretty much and…

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  • Question: I don't know who Ayn Rand is. Should I change that or just let it lie? - Anonymous
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    Imagine the baby that would result from a night of passion between Ebenezer Scrooge (before the spirits changed his ways) and Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. Now imagine that baby grew up and married the baby that would result from a night of passion between Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. Now imagine the newlyweds had a baby of their own, and that baby was raised aboard a Ferengi Starship, where she was tutored in empathy and compassion by Lord Voldemort. Now imagine that baby grew up and someone told her that any opinions she might have or conclusions she might reach are based on objective logic and reason, and that anyone who disagrees with her is simply being irrational. Now multiply that person’s greed and heartlessness by 100 and you’ll begin to see something that comes close to resembling Ayn Rand.

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Michael Brown was an 18 year old that was killed by a Ferguson Police Officer on Saturday, August 9th.  His family is now seeking justice for Michael’s death.  Their pursuit for justice will be lengthy and hard but with the support of the community they will get justice.  If you are willing to support Michael’s family please donate to Michael Brown’s Memorial Fund.  These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf.  All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family.  We appreciate your support.

This is a legitimate fundraiser confirmed by the family’s lawyer’s official twitter account and multiple news sources. This family has suffered so much, please help relieve one small worry from their life.

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What fucks me up about the Darren Wilson fundraiser is that he hasn’t been charged with a crime. He doesn’t have to hire a lawyer. He’s on paid leave, so he’s not losing wages. This is not covering his expenses, because he…

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Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths

In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death [and Renisha McBride and Jonathan Ferrell], we’ve seen a lot of discussion of the larger societal issues that play into how and when people are perceived as criminals. There were hoodies, there were marches, and there were frank talks from parent to child about how to minimize the danger of being a young person of color. On the other side, there were justifications of George Zimmerman’s actions: a smear campaign against Martin’s character, and plenty of writers explaining that statistically, blacks are simply more dangerous to be around.

That framing ignores the realities behind the numbers. Here are five myths about crime and people of color.

Shani O. Hilton

I keep saying…and I looked at the reports from the US Dept of Justice myself


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And then this happened. That’s Cathy Brennan, TERF Grand Inquisitor, thanking self-styled ‘LGBT advocate’ Tamikka Brents for her supporting transphobia.


Tamikka Brents responds to criticism of transphobia... by deleting her critics | So So Gay magazine

I then found that Brents had been tolerating some pretty vile transphobia against Fox from her fans - not just tolerating it, in fact, but THANKING them for it! When I called her out, and asked her to publicly disavow these comments, her response was…to delete my comments.


Whose flag is it anyway? What Fox/Brents tells us about LGB and T | So So Gay magazine

I wrote for So So Gay about the dog-whistle transphobia of Fallon Fox’s next opponent, Tamikka Brents.